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Come check out my new blog talk radio show. My first guest is Eric Morse Author of the Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Novels!

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Family Property featuring Lloyd Kaufman: Crash The Super-Bowl Doritos Commercial

Family Property featuring Lloyd Kaufman: Crash The Super-Bowl Doritos Commercial

Crash The Super-Bowl Doritos Commercial

Please go and view my commercial as much as possible because if I win I'll have the money to make my second film "Josie" 9http://www.josiethemovie.weebly.com ) and many more after it! Just click this link and pass it on to all your friends! http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/?video=518
The more you watch it the better chance we have. 20 views a week from 100 people is 2,000 views and that equals enough to make the top ten if it's done every week! Thanks for all your help and following my blog!



I need help with my new film Josie. If you are a horror fan please go make pledges to indie gogo to help make the film. If i get funding I will hopefully be getting Cerina Vincent and David Hess in on the project. I need all the help I can get. If every member or visitor donated between 5 and 25 dollars it would be a great start. You get VIP perks for your pledge so please read all the perks before you decide. Go to http://www.josiethemovie.weebly.com to read the full synopsis and find out more on helping. However here is a short synopsis for you.
A young innocent child crippled with bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia spends her childhood with her own psychiatrist. When she turns 18 she stabs her mother and is instantly carried to the psychiatric facility where she is raped and escapes to get revenge on those who put her there. Who lives and who dies? Only "Josie" will decide!


Pre-Order Call of Duty Black Ops

I took the liberty of looking up Black ops after writing my blog on Halo. For the gaming fans who don't know you can pre-order black ops on amazon. I have added links below to go get it. I hope you get the game and enjoy. Click on the title to go to call of duty .com

Halo Franchise reaches new heights!

The new installment of Halo made over 200 million dollars on it's opening weekend. However, the money made for Halo Reach is not the franchises most mind boggling numbers. The numbers that will blow your mind are the on-line totals of play that the franchise has Reached. Coincidentally the new installment is titled Reach and this franchised has yet to Reach it's end!

With over 70 million online matches logged, with players putting in nearly 6,000 years worth of time shooting at each other. When they weren't doing that, they uploaded over 2 million files and completed about 20 million daily challenges. And it wasn't all for naught, as they earned a whopping 165 billion in credits to spend on new armor. Halo has proved to be the icon of the gaming world. Will any game ever take this franchise down. Even though Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been the most played game as of recent in the last seven days Reach has been the most popular and is sure to take Call of Duty off it's totem pole. However, Black Ops will soon release and who knows what will happen when it hits the shelves.


Family Property is available on Amazon

Buy the disc with cover and all 14.95 however if you buy it to download to your computer it's 9.95 and you can rent it for 1.99 for 7 days. Watch the trailer now and decide on which one you want to do. Also a longer trailer is available to watch on my youtube channel.