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Halo Franchise reaches new heights!

The new installment of Halo made over 200 million dollars on it's opening weekend. However, the money made for Halo Reach is not the franchises most mind boggling numbers. The numbers that will blow your mind are the on-line totals of play that the franchise has Reached. Coincidentally the new installment is titled Reach and this franchised has yet to Reach it's end!

With over 70 million online matches logged, with players putting in nearly 6,000 years worth of time shooting at each other. When they weren't doing that, they uploaded over 2 million files and completed about 20 million daily challenges. And it wasn't all for naught, as they earned a whopping 165 billion in credits to spend on new armor. Halo has proved to be the icon of the gaming world. Will any game ever take this franchise down. Even though Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been the most played game as of recent in the last seven days Reach has been the most popular and is sure to take Call of Duty off it's totem pole. However, Black Ops will soon release and who knows what will happen when it hits the shelves.

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